Dr. Sonja Karin Obholzer is founder and medical director of Windhoek Aesthetics Clinic.

Here at Windhoek Aesthetics Clinic, we believe in aging gracefully and we can empower you to keep the visible signs of aging within your control . Combined with healthy and wise lifestyle choices , our treatments and solutions are your best chance at a younger,well nourished and glowing skin!

Whether you’re 27 or 72, ageing, the sun and our environment all take a damaging toll. Over time, constant exposure to the elements - regardless of your age - skin starts looking dull and tired and becomes less supple and resilient.

At Windhoek Asthetics Clinic, we aim to make your experience with us second to none. Our goal is to provide honest advice about the most effective treatment for you and provide realistic expectations on what can be achieved.

I look forward to welcoming you at my treatment rooms. Alternatively, you are kindly invited to send us an inquiry via email.

Care for your skin and support it during the process of aging! Your skin will be part of you for a long time.
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